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How Chosen Family is different to other Disability Providers?

Our lived experience, coupled with our trauma-informed & intersectional framework, makes us different and a delight in the disability & psychosocial sector.  Chosen Family provides a community-centric ecosystem with services that are: multicultural, flexible and enriching to all. Our community continues to reimagine how our services will create platforms of equality, inclusion and belonging. Our services are projects of our co-laboured efforts that have trauma-informed practice and person-centred values weaved into them. We are different because we support those who fall within the gaps. 

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Our Services

Core Supports


Assistance with Daily Life is designed to help you cover the cost of hiring someone to supervise or support you with any activities (including personal care) in your daily life. And it doesn’t just mean you’ll be supported while at home. You could access support out in the community for social or work reasons, at school, TAFE or university, or even at a hotel while on holiday.


Consumables can help you with the costs incurred when purchasing everyday items, like assistive products for personal care or safety, low-cost Assistive Technology (AT), interpreting and translation education or services, and assistance animals and other innovative supports.


Assistance with Social and Community Participation helps you to engage in the community and in social and other activities related to your goals. You can receive this support in a number of different settings in the community, including in a centre with group or one-on-one interactions, at school, TAFE, university or other educational facilities.


Transport funding gives you access to disability supports outside your home, and helps you pay for the transport that is helping you to achieve your goals. People who can’t use public transport due to their disability can receive this funding to help them go to school, university, TAFE, work, or to access the community.



Chosen Family's Respite is a fun and inclusive environment where you can try new activities and make friends in a safe and supported environment. We are happy to ensure our facilities are 24/7 hours staffed and fully furnished. This is the place where participants can engage in fun activities and excellent dietary matched meals with staff. 


There are three levels of respite-like support available for funding as part of plans:

  • Level 1: 7 to 14 days per year to allow the carer to attend critical activities.​

  • Level 2: 14 to 28 days per year and includes a strategy to build capabilities for future independence.​

  • Level 3: Equivalent to 28 days per year, when the carer provides support most days, informal support is at risk of not continuing due to the intensity of the required support or severe behavioural issues.

If you are eligible for respite funding, it will include funding for accommodation in a group residence for a short period of time – typically up to 14 days at a time. It will also have support for self-care, food, and activities.


SIL Homes

SIL Homes

SIL vacancies in Kingswood. These homes are filled with friendships, and the best quality supports available within the community services sector. Our staff specialise in managing challenging behaviours, and we believe in consistency and quality of care. A place you can call home and live independently on your terms, where your choices and privacy is respected and celebrated. 

View Our Properties

Community Access

Community Access

Do you love exploring and site seeing? We can help you feel part of a connected, creative and fun community. We have inclusive teams for you to join and build new skills whilst making new friends. We focus on creating a fun, expressive and safe space where you can express yourself and be celebrated for who you are.


PsychoSocial Coaching

Psychosocial Recovery Coach (PRC) is a new support item NDIS has added, and it is in the same registration group as Support Coordination. Our recovery coaches are mental health experts who have the expertise and practical knowledge to offer Psychosocial Recovery Coaching to all NDIS participants.  Our team of coaches and our collaborative network can assist participants in taking more control of their lives and to better manage complex challenges of day-to-day living, and develop strategies to continue living independently.


LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Services

We offer services that celebrate and focus on the ways our identities intersect. We train our staff to be inclusive and create platforms of belonging and equity for all.  We offer inclusion workshops, workplace panels, lgbtq+ advice, and motivational speaking gigs for various environments. We remain dedicated to taking time to listen to each individual's experience. Therefore we are committed to educating ourselves in cultural and identity competencies, using inclusive language, developing policy that supports the varying identities we see in the world, and ensuring we see an accurate representation in all our services. We will utilise the framework of intersectionality to ensure we repair the issues that have led to multiple failures we see around us. We are sensitive to identifying any structural vulnerabilities our participants and workers may face.

Support Coordination

We were approached by a very vulnerable group of individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community and those who require very intensive psychosocial support. Find out more by connecting with us for your Support Coordination needs.

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