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About Us

Chosen Family embodies community, inclusion, diversity, equity, excellence and joy in the NDIS and Mental Health space. Chosen Family was a dream of seeing individuals who fall within the gaps be involved in co-designing their future. Chosen Family are not here to create unhealthy dependencies on our services. Instead, our goal is to foster self-determination and set participants up for success.  Feel the connection; let’s co-design your future. 

- Traidy Bugeja-Naidoo


Dismantling technologies, systems, and moral frameworks of oppression.


Replenishing imagination, co-designing the future, disrupting the disability sector with true family and community values. Provides refreshing disability and psychosocial services to all participants.


Equity, Belonging, Tenderness.

  • Tell us how Chosen Family is different to other Disability Providers?
    As a team, our lived experience coupled with our trauma informed & intersectional framework makes us different and a delight in the sector. Chosen Family provides a community-centric ecosystem with services that are: multicultural, flexible and enriching to all. Our community continues to reimagine how our services will create platforms of equality, inclusion and belonging. Our services are projects of our co-laboured efforts that have trauma informed practice and person-centred values weaved into them. We are different because we support those who fall within the gaps.
  • What are the gaps Chosen Family are trying to fill?
    We are bringing joy back to the sector. Sadly, the sector has become way too commercialised and void of empathy, compassion and ensuring our participants have their rights to self-determination fostered. Chosen Family specialises in participants and are not limited to those who have: Behaviours of concern, Psychosocial disability, LGBTQ+ individuals, drug and alcohol interventions and forensic (justice) participants.
  • What is your grand plan vision for Chosen Family?
    Our grand vision for Chosen Family is that we become so agile and flexible that it becomes whatever it needs to be for any individual. Our logo as Chosen Family is a table and a platform. The table displays our values and practice of family and community. We come & break bread together, gain insight from various cultural and gender experiences. You will notice our logo also has a gap at the table, which signifies that eventually, they will use the table as a platform to share their passions and advocate for others like themselves. We hope to empower them to go and start their own table and platform to ensure their rights to choice and control & to self-determination & agency are honoured. We encourage individuals to come & share their stories, and when you’re ready, we commission you to go and create communities of equity & belonging.
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